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Unfinished Business 2

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Jay Cavna's Unfinished Business Part 2

This is Jay Cavna's follow up to his first sketchbook which I've sold heaps of because it is rad. If you bought the first you know why you should pick up the second one. Cavna is wicked talented and his sketches will keep you on point. His Japanese imagery adheres to tradition but is crafted with a western eye which I think, makes his work stand out. He doesn't spend his time trying to be Japanese, but studies the Japanese aesthetics for what they are and applies them to his own illustrations. His lines are solid and his images reflect his confidence as an artist. This book included skulls, dragon, flower, tiger, goldfish, turtle, deities and gods, snakes, hannya, grim reapers, koi, oni foo dog....a little bit of everything. You won't be disappointed.


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