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Have you been to the Studio this month?

If you have, you would have noticed the amazing collection of Vintage Pedal Cars, Rockabilly Retro inspired artwork and the infamous 'Vasectomy and Tattoo Removal Saws' in the window. 

Deep Stage Kustoms, Kimi, has been working on cars with her Dad since she was crawling. He taught her how to paint, and her interest in pin-striping stemmed from the weekends spent in the sun, going to hotrod shows across Victoria. 

Inspired by the legends like Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth, Von Dutch, 'Lumpy' and Von Dago, Kimi found the most inspiration in our own backyard. She tells a story of an outback artist her Dad knew, who used to paint on everything, from random
pieces of wood to milk tins. Kimi used to spend time watching him at his little business near the pub in B

'Grumps' (Her Dad) was always a boss at lettering, l loved watching him do that,(paint) and resto pieces' Kimi explains.  

Her pieces are currently available for purchase via the studio, or the pedal cars are also available online. They are available to view in the studio in person until the end of January, or until sold out. 

You can find more of Kimi's work here: 

MUNSTR - Custom Pedal Car

Pictured Above 'The Munstr' - Inspired by the original TV series from 1964 to 66'  with Lily Munster painted with intricate detail on the back. 

Bomber - Pedal Car

Pictured Above - 'Bomber' - Vintage WWII Aircraft inspired pedal car. 

Shop the rest here. 

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