Tattooing since 2013.

Rachel ‘Bonesy’ Jones has quickly become part of the furniture here at Renegade. Tattooing for over 8 years backed in by a degree in fine arts, Rachel has her own unique style that Renee has dubbed 'Neo-Polka'. It's a hybrid of Neotraditional and Trash Polka, and it’s pretty damn cool.

It’s dark, spiritual, and bold. All the things the cool kids like.

Bonesy has decided to call Renegade home and we could not be happier to have her. She doesn't just do one style, Rach can do just about anything, like all of our artists.

Geometric, Abstract, Realism, Neotraditional, Blackwork… the list goes on.We are proud to call her 'One of Us'.

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